We're Going Green!!!!

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How many times have you heard that from an employer, a company, a government agency or any number of other people that we deal with on a daily basis?  But what does it really mean.

To tell you the truth it can mean many things to many people.  Green is something that happens in stages from the person who is recycling for the first time to the person who will not use any disposable product that cannot be composted or will not use a cleaning product that contains any manmade chemicals and everywhere in between.  Because of these wide differences green is what you want it to be and what you feel comfortable with.  It can and should be done in small steps (my opinion). If you move to quickly into green you may run the risk of having employees, your children, your spouse, customers and even yourself becoming frustrated with the process.

So in conclusion, when you decide that you want to "go green" question not if it is good idea, but how far and how quickly you want to get there.