Frustrated with Green Products?

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15 Nov
Frustrated with Green Products?

How many of us have tried to do the right thing for the environment by using green products only to be frustrated by them not working as well as the products that we have used in the past?  This was one of our dilemmas also.  We knew that we as a company had to get into the “green cleaning products” but nothing made any sense to us.  Either you had to use ten times the amount of product to do the same job or it cost five times more than the products that we currently sold and nobody was going to buy them.

Talking to people about green chemicals all too often we hear them say that they have tried products in the past and will never use them again. After listening to them we usually find out that the product they have tried was from a retail store or that they tried them many years ago.

In the rush to get into the green movement many manufacturers produced products that didn’t work but they were able to put “green” on the label.  This in turn left people with the attitude that I mentioned before and that is too bad.  What we found out is that there are “green” or environmentally friendly products on the market that actually do work. We carry one such line.

So keep up the search for the right product or contact us.