Maintaining a healthy school

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10 Jul
Maintaining a healthy school

I know most of you don’t want to hear this but the beginning of the new school year is just around the corner.  With it will come a new round of cold and flu season.  Have you reviewed your disinfection and sanitization procedures?

Believe it or not most people overuse or misuse these products or focus their efforts in the wrong areas.  An example of this would be using disinfectants on floors.  The Center For Disease Control(CDC) doesn’t even recommend using these products on floors except for in locker or shower areas.  Why?  Nobody comes in skin contact with these surfaces.  The truth is, the key to limiting outbreaks of any bacterial or viral disease is limiting cross contamination, so focus on areas that people touch with their skin like door knobs, receptionists’ desks or towel dispensers as examples.

Have you ever read the back of a disinfectant bottle?  Most will say to let product remain on the surface for 10 minutes before wiping.  How many of us actually do this?  What happens when we don’t follow the proper directions is that we kill the weaker strains of bugs and let the stronger strains become resistant to the current products.

I once talked to an epidemiologist from the state of Wisconsin and when I asked what the number one thing that people could do to limit the outbreak of flu in the public was?  His answer to me was “PROPER HAND WASHING AND HAND SANITIZING”.  I then asked him whether to use regular or antibacterial hand soap?  His reply to this was that most people don’t wash their hands for a long enough period for the antibacterial product to work properly so why waste the money using them.  Also just like disinfectants the bugs develop resistance to the ingredients in these products if not used correctly.

So maybe as we plan for the new school season we should take a little bit of time to ensure that not only are we using the right products correctly but also that we are focusing our attention in the right places.