Proper hard floor care sometimes overlooked

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10 Jul
Proper hard floor care sometimes overlooked

I am very particular when it comes to hard floor care, whether it is VCT, sheet products or some type of stone surface.   Whenever I enter a facility I constantly find myself looking down.  What I see is a very wide range of results in floor maintenance.  Some of what I see is pretty well maintained but some is less than acceptable in my view.

Some of the things that I look for on VCT and sheet surfaces are a floor that isn’t blotchy meaning dark in some areas and light in others.  I check corners, edges and thresholds looking for dirt and wax accumulating in these areas.  I also look for a constancy of shine across the whole floor.  Or is there an excessive amount of black marking and scuffing on the floor?

On a stone surface I look at the grout in particular is it the same color in the body of the floor as it is on the edges and corners where no one walks.  On nonslip flooring is there dirt trapped in the flooring? Are the corners, edges and thresholds free of buildup?

It has been my experience that a proper floor maintenance program is one of the things that may be over looked by the people that are in the building on a regular basis.  I once had an experience at a local school where we completely stripped and refinished the floors in the building as a training opportunity.  The next fall there were may comments about how much brighter everything looked.  People thought that we painted or added more lighting.  When in reality all we did were the floors and it had that big of an impact The large grocery and retail chains have known this for years.

A proper floor maintenance program doesn’t have to be a daunting task.  It may just take a little more staff training, the proper product, a different piece of equipment or a little more attention to detail.

If you aren’t sure what your floor needs or even if you have any problems I would recommend having an outside supplier come in and make recommendations.  I know from experience that if the proper care is taken your facility will look cleaner and brighter and the people entering will notice even though they don’t know exactly why.