Using ice melt

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02 Dec
Using ice melt

I know you don’t want to hear it, but Ice melting season is here.

Many times I am asked. What ice melt can I use that won’t kill my grass or won’t hurt my concrete. The truth is that any ice melt when used improperly will cause bad things to happen. My advice is that you follow the manufacturer’s directions and you will have much better results.

That being said probably the worst product that you can use on any surface is rock salt. It is very corrosive to concrete and metal and is harmful to plants. I also do not recommend that you use any ice melting products on concrete that is newer than 6 months because it hasn’t had time to cure. If you have ice that has formed on new concrete use pea gravel and sand mixture to provide traction on the ice. Another option is to use an ice melting product sparingly let it melt down below the ice and scrape the ice off.