A better solution for terrazzo flooring

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04 Feb
A better solution for terrazzo flooring

If you have been looking for a better alternative for finishing and maintaining your terrazzo flooring other than never ending stripping and finishing, we may have the answer for you. The product is called TRX from Essential Industries. There are other options available to finish these floors such as grinding and polishing, or do nothing to the floor. There are problems with either of these options including leaving the floor open to staining. The grinding and polishing method is very labor intensive, requires regular burnishing with expensive diamond pads and does not have the brilliant shine that most people are looking for.

TRX is different than any other terrazzo coating system that has been available prior to this. It doesn’t require burnishing with the diamond pads, doesn’t require stripping, is impervious to staining and spills including urine and hand sanitizer and resists black marks and scratching. This low odor finishing system also allows the floor to be coated in the same amount of time as regular floor finishing systems with less labor.

I laid this product just after Christmas at a local school as a test. The lead custodian and I were very impressed at the ease of application and with the gloss after just three coats as. I returned this past week to see how it was holding up to the traffic and there was not any noticeable gloss difference and no scratching. I asked the custodian what his initial thoughts were on the product and he had nothing but positives things to say. The most positive remark was how well the floor cleaned up with just auto scrubbing this including black scuff mark removal. He also commented that he had been using a competitor’s product but was never able to get the level of shine that he got with TRX.

If you would like more information on the TRX system please contact us . Please click here if you would like to visit the TRX website to read more about this product.